Geert Nijs, </br>KBC Group

Geert Nijs,
KBC Group

Previously involved in different network organisation and community building initiatives at KBC Group, Geert Nijs (Belgium) now works as a Learning Architect at KBC’s corporate L&D department. Last years he became passionate about the possibilities of social technologies in a large organisation. Today he combines this passion with exploring the future of learning. He recently experimented with an e-learning built in virtual reality technology.

He gives talks about social collaboration and communities at seminars and organisations. He is co-author of the book “Social technologies in business” (Isabel De Clercq). He also advises other companies in their social collaboration journey.

The power of ESN to transform teams and build a network organisation

Room: Copenhagen

Working Out Loud, ESN, network organisation, agile organisation, self-steering teams, communities, new leaders … you hear these terms a lot nowadays. Most of the organisations focus on some of them or tackle them in different projects. What happens when you tackle them all together?   Key takeaways:   – Start your change as close as possible with the […]

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Round Table Discussions

Has Virtual Reality the potential to replace traditional eLearnings in a knowledge environment?

Room: Oslo

In our fast evolving world, new technologies are emerging at high speed. Virtual and enhanced reality are entering the “serious world” (in gaming they were present already). At KBC in Belgium a large scale experiment (> 250 participants) was done to assess the capabilities of virtual reality as a learning tool in a knowledge environment […]

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