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Heather Force
Thomson Reuters (CH)

Director, Employee Experience - Digital Employee & Partner Technology

Heather’s arrival in employee experience in 2018 was a natural fit, building on her varied 20-year career. Combining early career steps in Human Resources, with roles in internal communications, user experience (including on intranet projects) and intranet information architecture, her concern for people and their experience underpins every role she’s held.

As Director, Employee Experience within the Digital Employee & Partner Technology team at Thomson Reuters, she brings her people-focus to colleagues within “DEP” (what other companies call IT or IS) and the broader technology organisation. She also partners with members of the “People” team (HR) on a daily basis, as well as with other teams around Thomson Reuters, advocating for one great employee experience.

Heather grew up near Toronto, Canada, then spent nearly 15 years in Alsace, France before moving to Switzerland in 2017.

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