Heather Force, <br> Thomson Reuters (CH) <br/>

Heather Force,
Thomson Reuters (CH)

Director, Employee Experience

As Director of Employee Experience at Thomson Reuters, Heather works to continually define and refine employee experience in the interest of human and business success.

Heather focuses on people, accessibility, inclusion, and enablement across:

– Cultures: in both the business sense and the global sense,
– Places: the physical spaces we occupy while working, and
– Tech: the digital spaces and tools we use to do our work.

Heather’s arrival in employee experience in 2018 was a natural fit, building on a varied career that includes roles in Human Resources, eMarketing and communications, user experience, intranets, and information architecture. Her concern for people and their experience underpins every role she’s held, both professionally and as a volunteer in a variety of associations.

Heather grew up near Toronto, Ontario (Canada), attended Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, then turned a 5-month exchange into nearly 15 years in Alsace, France, before moving to Switzerland in 2017.

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