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James Robertson
Step Two (AU)

Leading digital employee experience expert (DEX)

James Robertson is one of the leading voices in the emerging field of digital employee experience (DEX). For more than 20 years, he’s run Step Two, an Australian-based consultancy that has had a singular focus on intranets, digital workplaces and now DEX. He’s the author of three books, including ”Essential Intranets” and ”Designing Intranets”. He’s keynoted conferences around the globe, and has a passion for fostering and supporting a global community of intranet & DEX practitioners.

Workshop: How to get top management support with a compelling Business Case

Room: Copenhagen

It goes without saying that it’s impossible to deliver a great intranet or digital workplace without money, resources and time. While many organisations are back into a ‘growth mode’, projects still have to compete against everything else that’s happening. As the focus gets broader, from intranets, to digital workplaces and ultimately digital employee experiences, it […]

Adoption and Change Management Business Case DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Non-Office 365 and SharePoint

Keynote: DEX: the journey ahead

Room: Denmark

Digital employee experience is still an emerging concept, but it’s one that’s captured the imagination of business teams and senior leaders around the globe. The early adopters already have their DEX projects underway, but there’s still a journey ahead for most firms. This keynote will outline the current state of DEX, and will propose practical […]

Adoption and Change Management Business Case Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Intranet and Digital Workplace Knowledge Management Non-Office 365 and SharePoint

Conference round-up

Room: Denmark
Adoption and Change Management Collaboration DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Governance Internal Communication Intranet and Digital Workplace Office 365 and SharePoint Search and Findability