Jesper Bylund<BR> Region Skåne/Scania Region (SE)<br/>

Jesper Bylund
Region Skåne/Scania Region (SE)

Provide workday support and enhance efficiency in the organization

Jesper Bylund is the intranet manager at Scania Region, Sweden’s 3rd largest health care provider. The intranet is used by 35.000 employees, mainly nurses, doctors, and assistant nurses. The intranet vision is to provide workday support and enhance efficiency in the organization.

Jesper is also an independent consultant, helping companies and organizations to build and develop their intranets. Jesper has also created The Intranet Governance Game, a planning tool for getting the intranet governance right.



The what if intranet

Room: Iceland

Too often we’re building intranets within the limits of the existing CMS and with too much reverence to the executive board. We get only the features the CMS can provide and of course, the corporate news dominates the intranet homepage since the leadership thinks an intranet is a broadcast platform. But what if we were […]

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