Jorun Åkerberg, <br> Lantmännen (SE) <br/>

Jorun Åkerberg,
Lantmännen (SE)

IT Solution Specialist Workforce Collaboration

IT Solution Specialist Workforce Collaboration at Group IT. She truly enjoy the challenges with an evergreen solution, and with experiences of SharePoint since 2007. On a daily basis she is making sure everything is running smoothly regarding collaboration solutions within the Lantmännen Group. With a background within project management and implementing new applications, but now in a role of taking care of it longterm.

Real-life challenges for search and find

What do the users think? User tests gave us interesting answers. We will talk about the result and why we developed our own intranet and people search. We will also share how we, in different ways, try to help the users to easily find what they are looking for.    Key takeaways: -Be responsive to […]

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