Karoliina Kettukari, <br> Meltlake (FI) <br/>

Karoliina Kettukari,
Meltlake (FI)

Modern Work Lead

Karoliina is a Modern Work Leader, Advisor and Microsoft MVP whose passion is to empower every employee with smart use of digital technology. Karoliina’s speciality is developing teamwork and internal communications with the help of Microsoft Teams and Viva suite. Karoliina inspires customers to take advantage of the full potential of Microsoft 365 – in the end, it’s all about excellent employee experience. Karoliina loves to share knowledge and learn from others, and she speaks actively at conferences and user groups. 💜 Community rocks!

How Viva Connections will bring SharePoint news, Yammer posts and Teams together?

All company information and news are easily scattered around SharePoint, Yammer and Teams. How to create a modern internal communications platform with Microsoft 365? Come and see how to combine the best of the three worlds by utilising the newest functionalities in Viva Connections Feed, Resources and Dashboard. The focus is on the employee experience […]

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