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Karsten Vandrup Westh


Karsten has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the video industry. Karsten works with companies and organizations where video is a central part of their business strategy. Karsten is a technical expert and knowledgeable about content production – and first and foremost independent advisor in a complex area of ​​crucial importance for many companies and organizations. As co-founder of Arkena and later IMG_PLAY, Karsten has founded, developed and sold video companies several times. Karsten has been on the industry list “Nordic TOP-50: Most influential people in Video” numerous times.

How to make your internal training videos accessible and searchable

Room: Finland

In this session we will see how Stockholm School of Economics uses artificial intelligence to enhance their videos to make them more accessible, searchable and SEO-friendly. Key takeaways:  – How to make your videos accessible and searchable – Complying to WCAG and general user-friendliness guidelines – AI assisted automated speech to text examples and workflows

Governance Search and Findability