Kimberley Morrison, <br> Arriva Group (UK) </br>

Kimberley Morrison,
Arriva Group (UK)

Digital Collaboration Lead

Kimberley is a passionate problem solver. She has 5 years experience in the use of SharePoint and Office 365 to improve team and personal productivity, communication and collaboration through intranets, document management systems, crowd sourced campaigns and unifying technology platforms. She aims to demystify technology within organisations and drive true value through changes to ways of working facilitated by technology.

Don’t know which Microsoft Collaboration tool to use? You’re not alone!

With so many collaboration tools to choose from nowadays such as, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, “which tool is the right one for the job” and how do we educate the business of when to use what? Key takeaways: – A Demistifyed view of the office suite – Practical advice on what […]

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