Kristian Norling, <br> Region Västra Götaland (SWE) </br>

Kristian Norling,
Region Västra Götaland (SWE)

Manager Digital Media

Manager Digital Media and main project manager for our last intranet development project. 

The digital media department is responsible for VGR’s digital media like web, intranet, enterprise search, video, podcasts etc. We are responsible for overall UX and driving digital work practices and workplace development. The department also runs a digital lab. 

We simply do all kinds of things digital, mainly within administration and support processes.  


Searching for people is no. 1

Room: Finland

People and organisation search are unsurprisingly the top tasks for us and also one of the features we have been working on and improving for a long time. In this session you will see a live demo of our people search and how it integrates with the intranet. Key takeaways: – Inspiration for your people […]

Employee Experience Intranet / Digital Workplace Non-Office 365 & SharePoint Search

Our last intranet project

Room: Denmark

A top task, mobile first driven intranet that brings the whole organization together and serves as a starting point for our digital workplace journey. The main features are: A consistent megamenu navigation for our sub-divisions, Office 365 integration and the personalised intranet newsroom. Focus on actionable tasks (CTA) on landing pages which are organized around […]

Internal Communication Intranet / Digital Workplace Mobile Office 365 & SharePoint