Lauriane Dang Van Nhan,<BR>Richemont (CH)<br/>

Lauriane Dang Van Nhan,
Richemont (CH)

Digital Communication Senior Specialist

Lauriane Dang Van Nhan is a Digital Communication Senior Specialist and has been working in Richemont’s Internal Communication team for more than 5 years.

She currently manages Richemont’s digital platform and innovation portfolio for communication purposes and represents Internal Communication as a major stakeholder in the Digital Employee Experience board.

Richemont’s Yammer Journey

Generel Room

Discover Richemont’s journey on Yammer, from their early project days, through the learning phases, up to their first successes. How they re-positioned the tool versus other comms/collab channels and re-engaged users and top management. They will also talk about future projects and how analytics will enable them to improve user adoption and experience to reach […]

Adoption and Change Management Business Case Enterprise Social Network Internal Communications Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Break and Q&A

Break and chat room

In this break and Q&A, you can ask Lauriane Dang Van Nhan more questions. Her colleagues Nicolas Jan and Sebastien Cugny will also be available for questions. You can also take a break while we set up the next speaker in the main room.