Lucy Braun, </br>UNDP

Lucy Braun,

Knowledge and Information Systems Advocate

Lucy is a communications specialist and expert in humanitarian relief operations by background, having worked in Europe, the US and Asia in both the public and the private sector. She has over thirteen years of experience with United Nations agencies, managing teams around internal and external communications and leading significant digital workplace and change management initiatives – including as Chief of Communications for UNICEF’s US$3.4 billion supply operation. Lucy currently supports UNDP as Knowledge and Informations Systems Advocate running an awareness and adoption programme for the organization’s tools for collaboration and productivity – including Office 365. With a passion for design and photography, she always likes to explore new ways of presenting information and creating playful interactions with and for stakeholders.

Enabling collaboration (literally) around the world: Office 365 awareness and adoption campaign for a truly global organization

Room: Iceland

Running an awareness and adoption campaign for Office 365 for an organization that is active in over 170 countries and territories around the world is no small undertaking – especially when you are on a non-profit budget. Daniel and Lucy will share their hands-on experience and the results achieved in promoting the tools for collaboration […]

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