Luis Suarez, <br> panagenda (ES) </br>

Luis Suarez,
panagenda (ES)

Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser

Luis Suarez currently works at @panagenda ( ) as a Digital Transformation and Data Analytics adviser.

A wirearchist, a chief emergineer and a people enabler, he’s a well seasoned Social Business & Digital Transformation strategist, 2.0 practitioner with over 23 years of working experience on Leadership Enablement, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Learning, Online Communities and Social Networking for Business.

He is currently focusing on helping organisations make the most out of their change initiatives and digital transformation programmes by making sense of the data they produce when they collaborate.

Augmenting the Digital Employee Experience through Data Analytics

Room: Iceland

When thinking about your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) initiatives one of the key components that’s always being either neglected or ignored over the course of the last decade has been data analytics. Inside each and every organization, day in day out, we produce more data than ever through our various (social) collaborative environments, yet we […]

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