Martin Stubbs-Partridge,</br>Scottish Natural Heritage

Martin Stubbs-Partridge,
Scottish Natural Heritage

Stakeholder Officer

Having managed retail businesses for 16 years I’m focussed on meetings people’s needs.

In 2007 I joined Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to help the government agency become more customer centric. Early projects included designing a CRM, improving the complaints procedure and eastablishing a customer/stakeholder insight programme.

In 2013 I took over the intranet project; went back to first principles and developed a 3 year plan. The project has changed my career and led me to embrace user first principles and Agile working.

Intranets are undervalued and mis-understood. I’m on a mission to tell a different story – beginning with business benefits!

Roaring to intranet success – a good business case will help win the rut!

Room: Oslo

Scottish Natural Heritage won the StepTwo Intranet and Digital Workplace Silver award 2017. Navigating internal politics and wading through mounds of strategic dependencies isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t expect it’s yours either! Capturing the benefits and dis-benefit for your project is good practice and will ultimately lead to success. During the session I’ll share my […]

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