Martin White, <br> Intranet Focus (UK) </br>

Martin White,
Intranet Focus (UK)

Managing Director

Martin White has gained international reputation over the last twenty years for his understanding of how to manage the information assets of organisations, ranging from the United Nations and the World Bank to some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Many of his clients have been multi-national organisations with complex information management and information discovery challenges.  Since founding Intranet Focus Ltd in 1999 he was worked on over 100 search-related projects.  Martin has been a Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield, since 2002, specialising in information management and information retrieval.

Keynote: Enterprise Search – We are at a tipping point

There are around 70 enterprise search vendors all making the same claims about AI-based search software that can deliver search perfection across all corporate repositories and applications. Differentiating between them on this basis is impossible and with the dominance of O365 means that only the best will still be in business in 2025. Over the […]

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