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Martin White,
Intranet Focus (UK)

Managing Director

Martin White has gained international reputation over the last twenty years for his understanding of how to manage enterprise and intranet search applications for the benefit of the organisation. Many of his clients have been multi-national organisations with complex information management and information discovery challenges. He specialises in finding solutions for organisations working in multiple languages.

Martin is the author of Making Search Work (2008) and Enterprise Search (2015). From 2011 to 2021 he was the author of a monthly search column in CMSWire Martin has been a Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield, since 2002, specialising in information management and interactive information retrieval. He is a member of The Search Network.

The opportunities and challenges of AI/ML for intranet and enterprise search

Search software vendors highlight the potential importance of AI/Machine Learning in delivering search satisfaction without any significant involvement from search team members. This presentation will explain the basis of AI/ML technology, the  implementation of AI/ML in both intranet and enterprise search and conclude with the questions you should ask search vendors to ensure you have […]

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