Martyn Perks, <br> Self employed<br/> (UK)

Martyn Perks,
Self employed

Raise employee productivity, engagement and business outcomes

I’m a specialist in the emerging digital workplace space. With an optimistic, yet critical perspective, I advise companies large and small on how to encourage better workforce communication, collaboration and knowledge management to raise employee productivity, engagement and business outcomes.

I’m an associate consultant for the leading employee communications network SimplyCommunicate. I advise East London Science School on its design and approach to digital technology. And I’m a regular columnist for CMSwire.

Driving digital workplace employee productivity

Room: Finland

If there is one question we will get asked more in the future it is how can we improve employee productivity. This session will explore why is productivity important. Understand how it can be measured, if at all. Ask what slows it down and how a digital workplace can improve it. Key takeaways: – Understand […]

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