Natalia Levkivska, <br> Vodafone Ukraine (UA) <br/>

Natalia Levkivska,
Vodafone Ukraine (UA)

Intranet Product Owner, HR Expert

Natalia is a Product Owner and a true Intranet Leader of PROSTOR – digital workplace of Vodafone Ukraine. She is a creative and executing force behind the intranet.

Natalia leads PROSTOR for the last 6 years. Within and beyond PROSTOR, along with her colleagues Natalia runs company-wide initiatives: Ovations (Employee Recognition Program), Vodafone’s Bloggers Hub, Peer-to-Peer Feedback, Value Creation Project, etc.

She is a passionate environmental activist, who also drives ”Go-Green” community of Vodafone Ukraine.

How intranet empowers employees in times of Apocalypse. Antifragile Vodafone Ukraine

Generel Room

Vodafone Ukraine’s current Intranet (PROSTOR) exists since 2014.  It has it all: high user adoption, positive business impact and word-wide recognition. But its higher mission turned out to be in powering antifragility of the company and its employees Ukraine-wide. In this presentation, you will learn how exactly Intranet may be a supporting force for the […]

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