Nigel Williams, <br> The Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) <br/>

Nigel Williams,
The Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)

Digital Workplace Consultant / Internal Comms Manager

Talks to people, creates award winning solutions, transforms organisations.

Delivering technology identification, rollout and adoption strategies across numerous industries, from the high tech of Sony PlayStation to low / no-tech in refugee camps.

A diverse career across communication, technology, talent and business change for global brands including Google, eBay, Sony PlayStation, BBC, AOL, Hitachi, Barclays and JP Morgan has given a great understanding of the buy-ins and blockers organisations, leadership, decision-makers and colleagues adopting those changes face. Ultimately his work ensures change is adopted and then engaged with, meeting and exceeding its purpose.

From seven failed intranet business cases to a Step Two Gold Award within 18 months (made easy)

Room: Stockholm

We often hear of the need to be measure and make data driven decisions, but how do you transform that data into stories organisations care about to the point it sparks a global change programme? RSC’s intranet, Connect, was not always destined for great things. Whilst the old intranet was a wasteland of 150,000 pieces […]

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