Olga Bogomolova <BR> Moscow Domodedovo Airport (RU) <br>

Olga Bogomolova
Moscow Domodedovo Airport (RU)

Head of Knowledge Management

KM-expert, intranet leader and the head of innovative laboratory DME Knowledge Lab.

7 years of experience in knowledge management and intranet development.

Project portfolio includes 12 KM-solutions and services, digital platform of knowledge management, intranet and corporate business network.

Field of expertise: digitalization in knowledge management, marketing in knowledge management, personal knowledge management and knowledge management in teams.


– Intranet and Digital Workplace 2019, StepTwo
– Digital Workplace Experience 2019, DWG
– Best Intranet Russia 2019
– Russian Knowledge Management Award 2018

Member of Russian Knowledge Management Association.

Managing through the Knowledge

Our case is about a number of knowledge management services delivered through the intranet. Equipped with social features and communication instruments, the intranet serves as an element of a digital workplace. This is how we have inspired the organizational context suitable for interaction. Additionally, the intranet includes extensive business automation as well as standard core […]

Knowledge Management