Patrik Bergman, <br> Haldex (SWE) </br>

Patrik Bergman,
Haldex (SWE)

Corporate Communications Manager

Ever since my academic degree in Philosophy, Media- and Communication Science, and Pedagogy, I have worked 20 years in international settings to help others communicate, learn, and collaborate.

Today I am responsible for Haldex move to Office 365 plus creating a creative and social learning environment using a modern learning management system.

To get things done, I am organized thanks to practicing mental models, and to separate the signal from the noise and avoid information overflow, I practice Personal Knowledge Mastery.

Knowledge Management and Office 365 – some concrete examples

Room: Iceland

Haldex is moving to Office 365 with an explicit focus on Knowledge Management. This session covers some of the concrete things we have focused on to help our colleagues re-use what others have done, find the right people, and categorize their best practices for others to learn from. This way we hope to ground knowledge […]

Intranet / Digital Workplace Knowledge Management Office 365 & SharePoint