Pete Johns, <br> SWOOP Analytics (UK) <br/>

Pete Johns,
SWOOP Analytics (UK)

Director Customer Success and Growth, EMEA

Pete is a modern workplace / new-ways-of-working obsessive and evangelist committed to helping people, teams and organisations become better at collaboration. He firmly believes every single person in every single organisation can be a leader in creating positive, productive workplace cultures.

With over 15 years international experience across internal comms, change and adoption, digital employee experience and organisational culture, Pete brings a tonne of energy and an innovators perspective to all he does. At SWOOP Analytics Pete helps organisations drive genuine and sustainable change by putting insightful data at the heart of communication, collaboration and transformation efforts.

Round table discussion: How can you measure collaboration?

Round table

You’ve probably heard the Drucker quote: “What gets measured gets managed”. So if you want to manage (and improve) collaboration how do you measure it? Come to our roundtable and let’s unpack the many ways we are all measuring collaboration and explore what we’re then doing with those measurements. Oh, and did you know the […]

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