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Peter Stern,
MAN Energy Solutions (DK)


I’m the head of the Digital Workplace Transformation IT area, which means I oversee the delivery of products, systems, services, projects and vendor contracts that support our internal customers across the whole operations lifecycle. I work with a fantastic team of professionals who are passionate about innovation, user adoption and collaboration. We use an agile framework and a DevOps culture to align our work with the IT Governance and Business Alignment processes.

One of our main goals is to foster a modern workplace environment where our employees can work flexibly and productively using Microsoft Office 365 collaborative tools. We also pursue platform standardization and digital automation initiatives to perfect our processes and enhance the user experience.

Some of the highlights of our work include:

– Launching CU.LIVE intranet in a box, a new digital workplace landing hub that runs on SharePoint Online and provides access to all the information and resources our employees need from any device
– Migrating our legacy SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online, using the cloud benefits and features
– Developing Knowledge Network, a platform that connects experts and knowledge seekers across the organization
– Exploring Bots and AI solutions to automate tasks and provide smart assistance
– Implementing Robotic Process Automation to streamline workflows and reduce errors

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Learning about their CU.LIVE award-winning intranet: MAN Energy Solution is streamline operations and improve collaboration among employees worldwide, by leveraging the pre-built templates and customization options, we can quickly and easily deploy intranet content that fits specific needs. Integration with other Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, SharePoint, and Yammer means that employees have everything they […]

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