Rachel Happe, <br> Engaged Organizations (US) <br/>

Rachel Happe,
Engaged Organizations (US)

Digital Workplace Strategist and Advisor

Rachel Happe (@rhappe) is the Founder of Engaged Organizations and works to bring connection, joy, and trust to workplaces by building community-centric cultures.

Rachel works at the intersection of technology, governance, leadership and communications. Prior to Engaged Organizations, she co-founded The Community Roundtable where she published a decade of groundbreaking research focused on documenting how to create and foster community-centric cultures. Her clients have included BASF, AMEX, City Year, AAAS, EA, Microsoft, Hilti, and the World Bank Group.

Rachel has over twenty-five years of experience working with emerging technologies and has served as a product executive at software start-ups and as IDC’s first market analyst covering the social technology market. Rachel’s writing has been published in Harvard Business Review, CMSWire, and Information Week.

Case study: Fostering a culture of learning to accelerate the knowledge supply chain

Main Room

Who gets to ask “dumb” questions in your organization? Who feels comfortable saying “I don’t know” in a large meeting? Who is confident trying something weird? These are all examples of great learning opportunities – and things that happen infrequently in daily work. How do you shift from a “Know-it-all” culture to a “Learn-it-all” culture? […]

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