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Rebecka Isaksson,
AI Lab Sweden (SE)

Founder, KM Strategist

Rebecka is an experienced and visionary thought leader with a passion for technology, people, and behaviours. She is currently a Partner of AI Lab Sweden AB, providing strategic advisory on how Content & Collaboration AI is best leveraged to establish a happy and healthy workforce and prospering business in a hybrid world. Her speciality lies within people and culture change and guiding how smart use of Knowledge can generate significant business value when powered responsibly and ethically by AI technology.
As the former Director of Knowledge Management and Product Marketing Manager for Content AI at Microsoft corporate headquarters, she has spent the last 10+ years working with organisations world-wide as an industry expert on Knowledge Management.

Driving business value through AI-powered knowledge solutions

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Hybrid work is here to stay. Organisations are looking to define a sustainable hybrid work model that fosters innovation and maintains productivity. This is a matter of leadership and engaging people across the organisation to build trust and create a positive and inclusive work experience, irrespective of where or how people work. In this session, […]

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