Richard Harbridge, <br> 2toLead (CAN) </br>

Richard Harbridge,
2toLead (CAN)

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Harbridge is the Chief Technology Officer and an owner at 2toLead. Richard works as a trusted advisor with hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current needs, their future needs, and what actions they should take togrow and achieve their bold ambitions.

Richard remains hands-onin his work and has led, architected, and implemented hundreds of business and technology solutions that have helped organizations transform both digitally and organizationally. Richard has a passion for helping organizations achieve more; whether it is helping an organization build beautiful websites to support great content and social strategy, or helping an organization leverage emerging cloud and mobile technology to service bettertheir members or the communities that they serve.

Richard is an author and an internationally recognized expert in Microsoft technology, marketing,and professional services. As a sought-after speaker, Richard has often had the opportunity to share his insights, experiences, and advice onthe digital workplace, Intranets, collaboration, social networking, ROI, technology/process adoption, and Microsoft technologies at numerous industry events in around the globe. When not speaking at industry events, Richard works with Microsoft, partners, and customers as an advisor tobusiness and technology, and serves on multiple committees, leads user groups,and is a Board Member of the Microsoft Community Leadership Board.

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