Ricky Sickelmore, <br> Stagecoach (GB) <br/>

Ricky Sickelmore,
Stagecoach (GB)

Business Analyst

I’ve been with Stagecoach for 20 years with roles in the HR Team, Pay Clerk at a Bus Depot, Project Manager, and currently Business Analyst working on a business transformation project.

I was the project manager for Blink, which successfully saw us transform from an under-used, desk-orientated intranet to a much-loved mobile app, the roll out the app was to over 25,000 of our people (most of which have no corporate devices at all), and we were able to deliver real benefits to our drivers and engineers.

Enabling the frontline

Generel Room

Stagecoach is one of the UK’s largest transport companies and as such our employees are geographically dispersed and always on the move. Without a digital channel suited to engage our mobile workforce, it was impossible to unite our employees with a single company culture. But we wanted make sure our drivers feel just as proud […]


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