Sam Marshall, <br> ClearBox Consulting (UK) <br/>

Sam Marshall,
ClearBox Consulting (UK)


Sam Marshall is the owner of ClearBox Consulting and has specialised in intranets and the digital workplace for over 20 years, working with companies such as GSK, Vodafone, Diageo, Sony and Unilever. His current activities focus on intranet and digital workplace strategy, and the business side of Microsoft 365.

Sam is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences and has been named a ‘Contributor of the year’ for his CMSWire column seven years in a row. In 2015 Sam was given the Intranet Now award for ‘remarkable contribution to the intranet community’.

Where have all our experts gone? The challenge of finding people

Finding people has always been a top-task for digital workplace functionality, and something employees particularly value. This means they also complain when it doesn’t work – which is often. In this talk I’ll explore the multiple hurdles to making your people finding successful, both by name and attributes such as expertise. You’ll learn tips on […]

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