Scott D McArthur, </br>Sculpture Consulting

Scott D McArthur,
Sculpture Consulting


Scott has enjoyed a varied, portfolio, career as a research scientist, data analyst, human resources professional, board member of an international science festival, business consultant, musical producer and business founder.

This unique blend of science, arts and business lead Scott, with his partner Samantha, to form Sculpture Consulting in 2012.  Sculpture aims to inspire people to think differently about themselves and change.

Scott is a speaker, writer and consultant who works with companies and individuals from all over the world and across the business sectors. He is also a visiting lecturer at several of the UK’s leading business schools and universities.

Never mind AI – Let’s start with Natural Intelligence

Room: Denmark

The current wave of enthusiasm for digital technologies/AI etc may be in danger of missing something pretty important, the fact that we really don’t understand all that much about natural intelligence (NI) and for that matter natural stupidity (NS). This not only means that we are dismissing the beautiful mysteries that make us human but […]

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