Sebastien Cugny,<BR>Richemont (CH)<br/>

Sebastien Cugny,
Richemont (CH)

Employee - Project Manager

Sebastien Cugny is a Digital Project Manager and has been working in Richemont’s Employee team for more than 8 years. He successfully implemented the Digital Workplace for few Brands (Maisons) within the Richemont Group. He also manages projects for the core functions of the group such as HR, Internal Com, Legal, Finance, Marketing. He has an interest for Data&Analytics and implemented solutions using GA/GTM , DataStudio, SAP Analytics Cloud and SwoopAnalytics.

Break and Q&A

Break and chat room

In this break, you can ask Lauriane Dang Van Nhan more questions. Her colleagues Nicolas Jan and Sebastien Cugny will also be available for questions. You can also take a break while we set up the next speaker in the main room.