Simon Thompson, <br> Experience Applied (UK) </br>

Simon Thompson,
Experience Applied (UK)

Intranet & Web Contractor

Simon Thompson is an experienced intranet manager, designer and developer working as a consultant with his agency Experience Applied. He was part of the team that won the Intranet Innovation Award for the Barclays Global Academies in 2015.  This concept has since been expanded to more than 30 stakeholder groups, and provides targeted learning resources to 14,000+ users every month. 

Simon has also worked with intranet clients in construction and property, insurance, law, medical research and education.  

Lessons from learning: How to make an intranet more useful

Room: Iceland

Many intranets only refer to staff training as a single link on a drop-down menu and, too often, the Learning Management System is feels like somewhere to be avoided. This is a missed opportunity for intranets to provide access to training and even improve the way the business works. Simon will explore some of the […]

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