Stacy Wilson, <br> Eloquor Consulting (US) </br>

Stacy Wilson,
Eloquor Consulting (US)

Strategist for internal communication & digital work

Workshop: Governing the people/process side of your Digital Workplace

Room: Copenhagen

Knowing who does what and establishing good guardrails for leaders and other users is crucial to getting the most out of your intranet or digital workplace. Many implementations fail because of a lack of good governance. Good governance starts with the people and processes that support your intranet. In this session, you will learn the […]

Governance Intranet / Digital Workplace Non-Office 365 & SharePoint

Round Tables

Make better digital workplace decisions: A tool based on business strategy

Room: Denmark

That point where your business strategy intersects with your digital workplace strategy can serve as a crucial decision tool. It’s that crossroads that enlightens both large and smaller day-to-day decisions. Bring your business strategy material (e.g., mission, vision, goals, values, objectives) to get the most this interactive experience. See examples of what other organizations have […]

Intranet / Digital Workplace Non-Office 365 & SharePoint