Stefan Bitzer,<BR>Volkswagen (DE)<br/>

Stefan Bitzer,
Volkswagen (DE)

Product Manager

  • – Research Associate and Ph.D. Student at the Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany
  • – 2012-2019, technical product owner for the topics “Enterprise Social Network“ and “Enterprise Wiki“ at the Volkswagen AG, Group IT
  • – Since 2019, product manager ”social collaboration” at the Volkswagen AG, Group IT

Challenges and solutions for social intranet and knowledge management applications within a multi-brand cooperation

Generel Room

The Volkswagen Group has a central platform used for various intranet portals of subsidiaries within the group. Furthermore, the system functions as a central knowledge application and is accessible from all over the world. This approach allows a. o. economies of scale but also leads to various challenges. The presentation will depict these aspects and discuss […]

Collaboration Enterprise Social Network

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