Steve Sale, <br>AstraZeneca (UK)</br>

Steve Sale,
AstraZeneca (UK)

Senior Architect

An Enterprise Search architect with 10 years experience desining & deploying search solutions in the various sectors including Law Enforcement, Defence & Pharmacuticals.

I have been part of the search team at AstraZeneca since 2011 where we have taken Enterprise Search from a PoC to an enterprise wide business critical platform, used by 60k users globally. Yet we feel we are still only scratching the surface of the platforms potential

Using Search to break the silos, find experts & provide 360 views of your organisations data

Room: Finland

Most organizations suffer from data silos. Enterprise search is widely used to try and break these and allow users to retrieve documents easily regardless of where they reside. At AstraZeneca we are taking this much further, using Machine Learning to provide answers to questions rather than just lists of documents. Identifying the expertise of a […]

Non-Office 365 & SharePoint Search