Sumathi Jayakumar,<BR> Mayo Clinic (US)<br/>

Sumathi Jayakumar,
Mayo Clinic (US)

Intranet User Experience Manager

Sumathi Jayakumar is an Intranet user experience manager, leads intranet team at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Graduate from Saint Mary’s University in Health and Human Services Administration. Later with the specialized technology interest, involved in Intranet user research and usability studies. Has 23 years of experience working with health care organizations analysing systems and processes. Major role in continues improvement of intranet publishing with standards at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic’s intranet won top10 intranets of 2014 award from Nielsen Norman Group. Specialized in systems analysis and user research for the on-going development of Institutional web infrastructure and publishing systems.  Extremely fascinate about employee engagement and digital transformation which includes addressing people, process and technology. 

Mayo Clinic is a large health care organization of around 65,000 clinical, allied health and support staff, spread across three states in America and is supported by a very large IT department, responsible for ensuring access to a constant demand for data, connectivity, and tools to provide patient care and share information. Mayo is considered “physician-led” which is unusual in the healthcare industry, and serves as a major differentiator in the marketplace. 


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