Suzie Robinson, <br> WSH Group Limited (UK) </br>

Suzie Robinson,
WSH Group Limited (UK)

Intranet Manager

Suzie Robinson is the Intranet Manager for WSH Limited, a holdings company for nine different businesses (including Benugo, Searcys and Monica Galetti’s restaurant Mere). Previously Suzie worked for Waterstones, where she completely reworked their intranet and won the Best Intranet Award at the Digital Impact Awards 2017. Suzie would describe herself as an intra-nerd and has thrown herself into all the different cultures at WSH to completely refresh their intranet, The Vine.


Round Tables

Everyone is a customer to someone

Room: Denmark

We all appreciate good customer service from a personal perspective, and every business knows its importance as without customers we would have no business (so they need to be kept happy). But it’s not something that is ever really discussed or explored internally. Suzie will explore why good internal customer service is so important, and […]

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