Tabhita Minten, <br> Pepermint (NL) </br>

Tabhita Minten,
Pepermint (NL)

Organisation and communication consultant

Tabhita Minten combines a clear long-term vision with pragmatic steps in the short term. She inspires others and gets people moving. Tabhita has extensive knowledge and experience as consultant and project manager and is an expert in the field of digital communication and collaboration, intranet and (digital) employee experience. Tabhita works as an independent organization consultant and is owner of PeperMint Organisatieadvies, based in the Netherlands.


Providing a model for DEX

Generel Room

Tabhita and Christiaan are the co-authors of the world’s first digital employee experience book. In their talk they’ll be sharing models and insights from this leading work. They’ll talk about: – What exactly is digital employee experience (#DEX)? How does it relate to the broader employee experience (EX)? – Which perspectives are important when thinking […]

DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Intranet and Digital Workplace

Break and Post Talk Q&A

Break and chat room

In this break and Q&A, you can ask Tabhita Minten and Christiaan W. Lustig more questions. You can also take a break while we set up the next speaker in the main room.