Trude Hole, <br> Bouvet (NO) </br>

Trude Hole,
Bouvet (NO)

Director of Communications

Trude Hole is Director of Communications at Bouvet. Bouvet is a Norwegian consultancy which designs, develops, and provides advice on IT solution and digital communication. Hole holds a master’s degree in industrial design and technology management from NTNU and MIT Sloan School of Management, specialised in strategical organisational design and innovation strategy. By using design thinking to combine user experience and value capturing, Hole and her team developed a digital services for Bouvet´s employees to better collaborate, communicate and share information.

The Intranet is dead. Long live the Intranet

Room: Denmark

In fast changing environment there is a need of being responsive and adapt fast to external changes. The presentation will give an insight in how to use service design to develop the digital eco system to stay agile and tap into the knowledge of the company and enhance cross-section collaboration. Key takeaways: – User and […]

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