Virpi Oinonen, <br> Business illustrator Limited (FI/GB)</br>

Virpi Oinonen,
Business illustrator Limited (FI/GB)

Artist/Business owner

Virpi draws comics and produces animations for organisations mostly for internal communication purposes. Sometimes she also condenses reports into cartoons or sums up a big problem in an animation. Basically the idea is to catch people’s attention and help them understand the key ideas in less than 3 minutes.

Before semi-accidentally embarking on a career in visual change communication Virpi used to produce digital campaigns for nonprofits like Greenpeace. She has also done consultancy and training around social collaboration tools (Yammer etc).

She is keen to help make organisations smarter so they can better solve problems of our time. She is hoping to do this with the help of irreverent cartoons that pinpoint the problems with a sprinkle of humour.

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Break and Post Talk Q&A

Break and chat room

In this break and Q&A, you can ask Virpi Oinonen more questions. You can also take a break while we set up the next speaker in the main room.