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Wedge Black
ClearBox Consulting (UK)

Content and internal communications expert

Wedge was an in-house regional and global intranet manager before becoming a consultant at ClearBox. He specialises in the user research necessary to build navigation, structure, and home pages that meet employee’s expectations. Content and internal communications will always be close to his heart, even as the intranet develops into a task-focused digital workplace. Wedge is the founder of the Intranet Now conference in London. 


Content design for communicators and publishers

Room: Iceland

The UI isn’t the UX, and so ‘the intranet’ or ‘the app’ isn’t the entirety of the digital employee experience – relevant content is a massive draw, so when the content disappoints, people are dissatisfied with the whole system. – We’re publishing too much gumph. – We’re publishing details that we imagine are useful to colleagues. – We’re publishing stuff […]

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