Wil Arndt, </br>OpenRoad Communications

Wil Arndt,
OpenRoad Communications

Creative Director

As today’s design challenges grow in scope and complexity, Wil Arndt—a creative director with over 23 years of design experience—believes that great design is now more important than ever. What’s changed is that the most creative ideas today can no longer solely spring from the mind of a lone “rock star” designer. Rather, the best solutions arise through the interplay between aligned, well-informed, intentional actors immersed within a particular complex system. This applies to everything from advertising campaigns to intranets.

After earning his degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr University in 1999, Wil founded interactive design firm Mod7 Communications, where he garnered over 150 awards and industry accolades including recognition by SXSW, Applied Arts, HOW Magazine, The Webby Awards, and The Art Directors Club. His motion and storytelling work has been shown at the Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia) as well as the Banff World Media Festival. 13 years after founding, Mod7 was acquired by OpenRoad Communications, where Wil now leads the creative services and marketing teams, as well as contributes to the user experience design of their intranet product, ThoughtFarmer.

Over the years, Wil has kept a fresh connection to the newest generations of designers by returning to his alma mater to teach design at Emily Carr University as well as mentor students at the Vancouver Film School.

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