“It’s not an ordinary event. It’s like becoming a part of a family with shared interest, concerns and goals”

– Geert Nijs, KBC Group

”Have never experienced this level of engagement at a conference. Loved it!!”

– Tracy Van der Schyff, The Guid Stuff

“The is my favourite intranet conference. Perfect for advanced practitioners”

– Sharon O’Dea, Lithos Partners

“There is a real level of openness here, people are very open and direct about the experiences they have had, they share a lot of valuable insights and I have learned a lot.”

– Richard Howat, Balfour Beatty

“I like the concept. I think it gives you a good balance between use cases presented by various companies operating in different industries and at the same time a little bit of a technical insight into tools and platforms.”

– Tereza Urbankova, Amec Foster Wheeler


“Family style organisation with high class content. I met a lot of really bright and also very nice people, so I would love to come back.”

– Sabine Kluge, Siemens

“IntraTeam Events brings the best-in-class international speakers together meeting the most digital workspace knowledge and corporate people – awesome!”

– Morten Dal, PANDORA

“Always great and inspiring to participate.”

– Helle Helgren, Velux

“IntraTeam Event is a great way to share the best practices, and to hear about the work that has been done around the world. I can’t think of a better environment and a nicer group of people than I found at IntraTeam Event.”

– Brad Whitworth, Cisco

”Fantastic opportunity to get & share knowledge in an international community. Thank you!”

– Susanne Kok, Siemens

 ”IntraTeam conference, is one of the friendliest conferences, you get the sense of a community, and I like the fact that there is a lot of tradition, a lot of familiar faces, and there are always new speakers – so always something new to learn.”

– Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting

”It’s been absolutely amazing, I had fun and have seen very interesting things, and made connections I would never had done if I wasn’t here.”

– Shaula Zanchi, Robin Partington & Partners

 ”A great opportunity to get up to speed and network.”

– Kimmie Buch Bennetzen, Red Barnet

”Great time with many bright minds. Not just data and knowledge but true insights – to help us revolutionize how we work as information workers”

– Daniel Tshin, UNDP

”The event is so exciting because it connects people who are working on similar challenge together.”

– Jacob Budd, Starmind International