A unique conference to combine knowledge about intranets and the digital workplace – and a rapidly evolving technology like AI.” 

“Perfect combination of new knowledge and networking” 

“Great facilitation and good venue” 

It was a good and inspiring day with many talented speakers/thought leaders”

“A better place to meet and learn” 

“It was my first participation to the IntraTeam event and it was great ! The content of the conferences were very qualitative by excellent speakers and the animation of the remote webinar via Teams was outstanding!”  

“Intrateam have a fantastic ability to organize conferences with prominent speakers where everyone involved still feels part of a community – no matter if in person or online” 

“Interesting topic, great speakers and engaging conversation”

“Intrateam events brings your information and knowledge, you can instanly use in your daily worklife”

“Great range of informed expert speakers” 

“Great planned, well facilitated – motivated spirit and acknowledgement of all contributors”

“High quality insights into best practice for digital employee communication – an event not to be missed!”

“If I would ever have to define IntraTeam and their Events Online in a single word it would be the following one: Communityship. Building community with peers who are passionate about transforming their organisations. It just can’t get better than that!”

“Great to meet people from around the world – good global event if you need to keep up to date with the latest in digital workplaces”

“Kurt and IntraTeam team, thanks a lot for inviting! I was really enjoying and happy to see all facinating experts! Lots of practical insights!”

“Its where you go to connect with your peers, experts and gain new insights – and have fun!” 

“Great speakers and very topical subjects”

“IntraTeam Event Online is really an inspiring forum where topics in time are raised and discussed with people with the same interest”

“Overall a really good experience that gave me insight and also let me learn that others are doing the same journey as me and my co-workers as well as struggling with the same kind of problems”

“Kurt always brings the best intranet people together to share their experiences. He’s curated a brilliant community who share openly and frankly – and can pass their learnings on to you

“Connecting, inspiring, great people and friendly atmosphere!”

Great source of inspiration and chance to meet the global intranet community!”

“Always a pleasure to revisit the members and to learn from the “Best in class”.”

Still probably my favourite format”

“It was everything I expected and more. I have learned a lot about facilitating hybrid working and I’ve met many interesting people. I’ve broadened my horizon today!”

“One day was too short! Once again, IntraTeam delivered with useful presentations and outstanding community participation”

“Very different topics, and what a powerful lineup. Top class companies and great presenters. The chat was as per usual just amazing!!”

“International experts share, connect, and engage at this virtual, multi-disciplinary Intranet event to help build a better digital experience for employees”

“Great digital event to discuss the new hybrid way of working. Lots of interesting topics and even better to share experiences with experts and peers.”

“Always high quality conferences, great speakers!”

Works surprisingly well, like at IntraTeam Event #1. Well done!”

“Worked seemlesly. The move from the general ‘room’ to the speaker debrief is terrific”

“The place to be to grow your network and exchange with experts”

“Overall it was a triumph of content, communication and community, entirely due to the vision and commitment of Kurt to deliver a conference that had all the traditional elements of an IntraTeam event with just a few twists to accommodate a virtual event. I made pages of notes (easier at my desk than sitting at a chair) and had to dump a number of preconceptions about the art and craft creating a digital user experience into my waste bin.

I’ll end with a question. If you did not attend even a day what excuse did you give yourself? It can’t have been travel costs. You missed so much, and we missed you.”

Martin White has written an article about why IntraTeam Event Online 2021 was a success. You can read the article here.

“A conference with amazing people and conversations. Oh yes, and technology.” 
– Tracy Van der Schyff, The Guid Stuff

“Great online event – very professional”
– Linda Gärtner Nielsen, KMD

“Extremely well run online conference. Top content. Top presenters”
– Cai Kjaer, SWOOP Analytics

“Very professional online conference, works great technically as well”
– Thomas Borch, Novozymes

“It’s the first time I’m part of this interesting event and it certainly won’t be the last time.” 
– Hans De Donder, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium

“So great to engage with and be inspired by so many talented people – from your chair in your livingroom.”
– Agnete Kofoed, Rigspolitiet

“Great First Day of #intrateam2021. I am looking forward attending the next days.”
– Jörg Rafflenbeul, Swiss Steel Group 

“Great community gathered to share insights in a positive and informal spirit”
– Rosa Dich, DRC

“Fantastic insights, and a great range of speakers!”
– Rupert Coghlan, SocialChorus

“Great to meet up with others who also perceive internal, digital communication as being essential to enhance work results and increase job satisfaction.”
– Louise Albrechtsen, Københavns Universitet

“Intrateam has always had a community feel and they have done a great job carrying this across from the physical to the virtual format.”
– Steve Sale, AstraZeneca

“The main different angles and knowledge domains meeting at the conference always get me thinking and inspire me to go back to my organisation and do my best to contribute to employee experience”
– Susanne Kok, Siemens

“IntraTeam Event Copenhagen is a brilliant international event that brings intranet + digital workplace experts together to share their experience.”
– Lisa Riemers, Intranet Now

“If you want to get a feeling for the digital workplace that’s the place to be in.
– Alex Pilz, Syslab

”Great time with many bright minds. Not just data and knowledge but true insights – to help us revolutionize how we work as information workers”
– Daniel Tshin, UNDP

“Greate event that gives you a lot of tangible ideas that can be implemented into your organization, short term, and long term. A BIG plus is the great location, conference rooms, and good food.”
– Antonia Dahlin, DQC Sverige

“DEX is the new black .”
– Linda Gärtner, KMD

“If you are working with intranet and internal communication – be there or be square.”
– Anna Bengtsson, Novo Nordisk

“Great event, nice speakers, cool programme! Thank you so much for having me here!”
– Elena Bogdanova, Rivelty.Intranet

”Have never experienced this level of engagement at a conference. Loved it!!”
– Tracy Van der Schyff, The Guid Stuff

“A very interesting event! I now want to go home and improve my intranet and digital workplace in so many ways! Also the “digital workplace family” is a very friendly and inclusive group of people. Amazing that you manage to gather so many experts in one event. I wish I could have attended several sessions at the same time”
– Ingrid Lund, Save The Children

“A lot of good inspiration to the world with search”
– Jacob Wenzel, Frederikshavn Kommune

“I’ve learned so much from fantastic and superbly knowledgeable experts. A lot of inspiring presentations and ideas, im looking forward to implementing what I can. Excellent event, absolutely worth coming from the UK for!”
– Suzie Robinson, ClearBox

“Going to IntraTeam Event is smart, you will get wiser”
– Helle Wael, Gjensidige Forsikring

“A great community conference in the center of Copenhagen”
– Thomas Borch, Novozymes

“Great to be able to join presentations by some of the known faces (if not stars) of the digital workplace world”
– Susanne Kok, Siemens Gamesa

“Great networking – good teachers/trainers”
– Tonny Nordal, CO-RO

“This is my favourite intranet conference. Perfect for advanced practitioners”
– Sharon O’Dea, Lithos Partners

‘IntraTeam conference, is one of the friendliest conferences, you get the sense of a community, and I like the fact that there is a lot of tradition, a lot of familiar faces, and there are always new speakers – so always something new to learn.”
– Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting

‘A great opportunity to get up to speed and network.”
– Kimmie Buch Bennetzen, Red Barnet

“The best digital conference ever – it was all live and intimate, making the individual questions and knowledge sharing important. This time I actually participated in the conference – compared to all other digital conferences”
– Marianne Møller Danielsen, Novozymes

“Good insights and well-conducted programme”
– Steffen Arnoldus, Novo Nordisk

“It is good to learn more about O365 and get insights into what our organisation can obtain if fully implementing it.”
– Louise Albrechtsen, Københavns Universitet

“An excellent event for a great crowd”
– Rosa Dich, DRC

“Always a pleasure to attend IntraTeam Events, even online. High-quality content, great speakers!”
– Ulrika Leijon Åhlander, Region Norrbotten