IntraTeam Event Online Vol. 5

22 November 2022 - CET
Online on Microsoft Teams

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Why should you attend?

Modern intranets, internal communication and great digital tools for frontline and deskless workers are making the world a better place to work and organisations more efficient, but you need to do it right. You will learn about: 

– Apps for frontline workers (communication, dialogue, training and accessing tools required)  
– How to enable managers to take ownership and excel in leadership 
– Digital Accessibility (thinking, usability for everyone, tools to help) 
– 98% weekly adoption is more than communication and campaigns 
– Choosing the right solution and making it attractive to your colleagues 
– Reasonable goals for DEX and how to find the needs of your colleagues. 
– Balancing communication, collaboration and services 
– Intranet as a supporting force in times of revolution, pandemic and war 
– Microsoft Teams app for production workers with personalised news 
– The future virtual world for your colleagues, and why you should care 
– Metaverse for internal purposes 

After IntraTeam Event, you will have acquired new knowledge and experience that you can apply during your next day at work. 

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