Steve Sale, <br> AstraZeneca (GB) <br/>

Steve Sale,
AstraZeneca (GB)

Senior Solution Design Engineer

I first got involved with Search in 2006 while working for Cheshire Police, where I was instantly hooked.  Since then, I have had several roles working on search in both the public & private sectors.

For the last 9 years, working at AstraZeneca, where we continue to exploit the search capability in new and innovative ways.

The explosion of Gen.AI has further accelerated the importance of search for organisations and my fascination of if it is stronger than ever before…

Generative AI is here, so who needs search?

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Gen. AI hit the media in late 2022, and the world almost instantly declared search a redundant legacy technology to which we can finally wave goodbye. So why is it still here 18 months later? Key takeaways: – Gen. AI is incredibly powerful & exciting, but it can’t be the silver bullet we hope for […]

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